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Orchard Audit

Version 0.7.2

This module for Orchard CMS will add the ability to track user activities such as viewing, editing and deleting content.

It features an extensible API allowing you to track any type of events you need to for your own business model.

It integrates with Orchard 1.3's Rules module to allow you to configure audit events from the Rules admin UI.

By enabling the Audit Rules feature you can hook up Content events to an Audit action. By enabling the Audit Content Rules feature you get an additional Content Displayed event which you can use to record content views.

Finally, you can access the API by injecting IAuditService into your classes, to perform any custom auditing you like (or you can expose events for Rules to make things more configurable).

To view audit data you will have to query the table Downplay_Audit_AuditRecord in SQL Server Management Studio, or use SQL Server Reporting.

Future plans

For version 1.0 the plan is to have a full reporting and statistics section in the admin UI, and a ViewCounter part for content items.

Beyond that, tracking actual data changes for content item edits might be a possibility.

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